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My new case, while neat looking, has a fatal flaw.  It’s front panel, where the wires for the power and reset buttons behind, is susceptible to static shock. So after repeated cold reboots, my raid array failed (it was striped), and I had to reinstall my OS.

On a bright note, it wasn’t as unbearable as last time.  I have all my bookmarks, mail, resume, and a bit of good code in the cloud.  So I just have to recreate some nice configurations, and get all my programs back onto my machine.

It gives me a small side project now, perhaps I’ll even get the ssh keys to work on my servers.


I just got a nice windfall that I immediately geeked out on and purchased a new laptop and new hardware for an awesome desktop.  I did also however blast the partition table on my old sata drive, because I was dumb and hooked it up during the Fedora 9 install.  I think I blindly chose to initialize it.  So that just going to have to sit for a while until I figure out how I want to grab all the data.

The laptop has Vista on it, and while workable (with putty for actual work), its days are numbered. I like having one again, and one that is not making me scale back on my wants atm.  For example I have actually got a nice working copy of the Maya 8.5 PLE, and the Houdini student edition. They both run fine, although I do need to check on their rendering times.  I may have to take them to ACCAD for that kind of work.

The desktop is great.  It a Tri-Core 2.4Ghz Athalon with 8GB of ram, and two 250GB sata driver in a stripped array.  I just love saying that.  8GB is just crazy to me. I rarely, yet, use anything more than 1.5GB at a time, but I did just install Eclipse this morning. That and my browser tab count has been relatively low lately.  I just got the sensors up this morning, and that’s really very neat.  I’ve never had a board that does that, and its nice to see that I didn’t fsck up the application of the heat transfer goo, and subsequently kill the processor.

In that I killed my last machines settings I have had to re-configure a few things I can’t live without.  One being mutt.  I love getting back to the command line.  It seems so much cleaner, simpler, and quicker for the tasks that I don’t want the laggy/buggy bells and whistles.  I’ve taken it a step further in my new config in that I’ve coupled my pop accounts with getmail (great python util), and also configured mutt to use my gmail imap.  Its really useful to be able to mass tag things in gmail and delete them. Yes I could keep everything, and “search” though my inbox, but I prefer having a smaller inbox and only keeping relevant things.  I also am in the process of re-populating my newbeauter list.  If you aren’t famliar with this app look into it, because imagine mutt for rss/atom and that’s what newsbeuter is basically.

Now I just have to get my flash development pipeline back, so I can actually get back to working on the game. Shouldn’t take too long, but I’ve got all kinds of shiny distractions to occupy myself.